The Ultimate Lingerie Guide

For boys to know and girls to find out

Official: A romantic gift for a loved one.
Hidden: I hope she wears it for me =)

Keep these 2 objectives in mind.

You are buying lingerie for her, not for yourself. So take her needs into consideration and understand her as a woman, to ensure that you get to enjoy too.



1. Style

Know her personality

Girl Next Door or Party Girl? Conservative or Adventurous? Meow or ROARR?
Unless you are darn sure, for a first attempt, do not buy anything too bold for her.
Start with non-sheer, solid colour lingerie. Chemises are a safe bet, then Camisoles and Babydolls, progressing to 2 piece sets and garters.
(Tip: What if she doesn’t like wearing lingerie? Click 911.)

Know her body type

I’m sure you love them the way they are. But girls, no matter how beautiful, at some point or another, will be insecure about how they look. The key is to choose a style that flatters their body type.
(Tip: Which part do they complain most about? If the answer is everything, then exercise your good judgment. If your judgment is nowhere near good, click 911.)

Small Breasts
Do not choose designs with extremely low neckline that draw attention to the breasts. Designs that have ruffles at the front will give a fuller look.

Undefined Waist
Choose 2-piece outfits to separate the bust and hips, which hint at a waist and give the impression of a curvy figure, Camisole sets and Babydolls are ideal.

Tummy Troubles
Choose designs that cover the stomach areas. Chemises provide the length to hide the middle, and draw attention to the upper body (neck, cleavage and shoulders) and legs. The non-sheer variety will provide better coverage.

Big Bottom
Avoid G-strings and thongs like the plague, they make big look BIG. Instead opt for panties and boy shorts to provide more coverage and to minimize the bottom.

Thunder Thighs
Avoid tight fits around the thighs. Choose Babydolls that flair out and Chemises with wide skirts, to give the impression that the skirt is wide not the thighs.

Short Legs
Wear dark coloured garters or pantyhose to slim and lengthen, avoid bright colours that will accentuate the legs. Wear short or high cut lingerie, the more leg shown, the longer they will look.

Girls…if the curious you have ventured here, a little tip for you. Accessories draw the eyes away from which ever part you wish to hide. Perhaps, a flower in the hair (8476), a ribbon choker around the neck (81054), a toss garter (86029), feather products (8475), etc.

2. Colour

Do not underestimate the power of colour, which often sets the atmosphere and mood. It implies the message you are getting across as well.

Golden Rule of Colour: Dark is always Flattering.

Pink : This is hands down most people’s favourite colour for lingerie.
Sweet and feminine, it is the colour of romance; a brilliant but gentle shade.

White : This is a popular choice as well, especially for bridal occasions.
It denotes innocence and purity. White is neutral by nature.

Black : Aha! The slimming colour. It essentially represents timelessness and elegance.
A strong colour, which can be seductive and lip-smacking sexy.

Red : The heat of passion!!! Emotionally intense, perfect for a bold, sizzling statement.
Attention grabbing for special occasions, but also makes the wearer looks heavier.

Purple : The divine royal colour. Rare in nature and that makes it all the more special.
It comes across as romantic and feminine, with tones of sophistication.

Blue/Green: Not so common colour for lingerie but not without its perks.
A colour that calms and relaxes the eye and mind.
It is said that, people are more productive in blue rooms. =)
Green symbolizes fertility, and not without reason.

3. Size

This is a tough one for guys. Now, pay attention.

Our size chart (US sizes) includes cup sizes and the measurement for bust, waist and hips. The measurements are expressed in inches.

To make things easier for you, our lingerie size category is limited to S/M, M/L and One Size Fits Most. “One Size Fits Most” lingerie are made with stretchable material and/or come with adjustable straps, which is ideal if you are unsure of the sizes.

A little bit of laymen’s help:

Bra Cup Size Estimated Fruit Size Equivalent
A Lemon
B Orange
C Grapefruit
D Melon

Note: This is a general rough estimation. Even fruits come in different shapes and sizes...and we are talking about a Galia melon, not a water melon.

The best thing to do if you are still unsure is to discretely check her clothing sizes (if possible) or get a female friend’s help. Or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; we will help you.

(This is advance territory.)
We also detailed separate conversion charts from:
i)inches to centimeter (cm),
ii)comparison chart for US, UK, Europe and Japan dress sizes
iii)US cup size to UK cup size

4. Presentation

Presentation is the icing on the cake. Wow her first before she opens the gift.

Our lingerie comes in a complimentary gift box.

To add a finishing touch to your gift, we offer you an optional gift wrapping service (with a personalized message card) at cost price of RM1.99. Choose your favourite combination of coloured tissue wrapper and ribbon, write your message, and we will do the rest for you.

5. Emergency 911

Gift Certificates

You can always opt for our gift certificates if you don’t want to risk buying something your wife/girlfriend doesn’t like. Or would like to pool money to buy lingerie as a birthday gift to a friend.

You have the option of buying gift certificates in values of RM50, RM100 and RM150. Both a digital and hardcopy gift certificate will be mailed to her, with the code. For more details on gift certificates, click here.

What if she doesn’t like wearing lingerie?

If your wife/girlfriend refuses to wear lingerie, it is not because she has anything against you. She is probably just shy or has different perceptions of lingerie due to taboo connotations. She might not have the experience and is hesitant to try it out. Respect her and do not try to push her. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Confidentially seek help from a female friend/family member, who is close to both of you. She will be far more effective than you in approaching this topic directly with her.
  • Instead of asking her to wear lingerie, casually suggest that both of you browse through the lingerie selection together (just to look, no pressures to wear or buy), note her reaction and comments. When she has gradually familiarized herself with lingerie, pick something together, something you like and something she can wear. Don’t make the mistake of choosing something that you like but could be too much for her, in the end you see it in the drawer not on her.
  • When you notice a particular lingerie item that you think is pretty, make sure you point it out to your wife/girlfriend. It is highly unlikely that she would not be interested in wearing it for you.

Now that you are a lingerie expert, we hope we have addressed all your needs and queries, for you to enjoy what we have to offer.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if you have any questions, comments, or just wanted to say hi.